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Every project is different. In order to offer a truly customised service and assess the exact requirements of your translation or proofreading project, Word Up will need to carry out a preliminary assessment of your document before giving you a quotation for the cost and a precise date for completion.

Requesting a quote could not be easier: either send us an email with your document and details of your request or fill in the form below.

Your quote is guaranteed within 48 hours!*

*For urgent or same-day requests quotations will be delivered within a few hours. Please confirm quotations as soon as possible to ensure timely delivery.

While not an exact science, translation means reproducing a text as closely as possible, in another language. Only a translator like Merav with a high degree of linguistic skill and a profound knowledge of both the source and target languages and their respective conventions, grammars and idioms will succeed where machine translations have hitherto failed and produce a transparent and faithful equivalent text.


The various tariffs shown below reflect the differing requirements of a document, in terms of research and specialization in technical aspects and terminology for translation.
The applicable rate is determined following a preliminary assessment of the document and communicated in the quotation.
Special discount rates may exceptionally be made available to students or for very large/repeat orders. Contact Merav Pinchassoff for more information

Category Rate (£)
per source word
Rate (£)
per page (300 words)
Standard 0.10 30.00
Specialised 0.15 45.00

For express translations, the normal rate is charged with an additional one-off fee of £50 per document.