Word Up offers translations by a highly trained and dedicated linguist with the skills and cultural bilingualism you can depend on. Professionalism and a commitment to stylistic and functional equivalence in your translation are guaranteed by your translator, Merav Pinchassoff, a native English speaker with experience in a wide range of academic fields and media.

Word Up offers a range of language services including:

French to English Translation
Spanish to English Translation
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The  translation service provided  may be

  • Standard
  • Specialised
  • 24-hour / same-day express service (orders confirmed before 11 am)

The rate applicable to your translation project will vary accordingly.

Word Up offers specialized translations in the following areas:

academic articles
certificate translation
EU regulations
legal documents
marketing material
real estate
scientific research
technical translation
tourist brochures

Rates | Payment


Correction of text in English starts from £10.00 per page.

The following services are also provided:

Conference Interpreting: French < > English < > Spanish

  • Simultaneous
  • Consecutive
  • Liaison interpreting
  • Telephone interpreting

Language Consultancy
Language Coaching

Please contact Merav with details of your specific requirements for more information.


While not an exact science, translation means reproducing a text as closely as possible, in another language. Only a translator like Merav with a high degree of linguistic skill and a profound knowledge of both the source and target languages and their respective conventions, grammars and idioms will succeed where machine translations have hitherto failed and produce a transparent and faithful equivalent text.


The various tariffs shown below reflect the differing requirements of a document, in terms of research and specialization in technical aspects and terminology for translation.
The applicable rate is determined following a preliminary assessment of the document and communicated in the quotation.
Special discount rates may exceptionally be made available to students or very large/repeat orders. Contact Merav Pinchassoff for more information

Category Rate (£)
per source word
Rate (€)
per page (300 words)
Standard 0.10 30.00
Specialised 0.15 45.00

For express translations, the normal rate is charged with an additional one-off fee of £50 per document.


Word Up offers the objectivity of a highly trained proofreader with an eye for detail and experience in a broad variety of communication styles to correct any inaccuracies or errors in the text (typos, punctuation and spelling mistakes, grammatical and stylistic errors etc.).
The service is here aimed at proficient but non-native speakers of English producing a text for publication or other professional or academic purposes where accuracy is imperative. It may be necessary for the author to be contacted if errors are such that the intended meaning is not clear.

The cost of the service may vary according to the density and nature of errors for proofreading. Contact Merav directly with your document for a customised quotation.


Once a quotation is accepted by confirmation email or purchase order your translation is guaranteed by the delivery deadline. Payment must then be made within 30 days of the date of the invoice

All orders are subject to the terms and conditions recommended by the FIT and can be consulted here.

Payment is accepted by bank transfer or Paypal and may be made in €uros, £ Sterling or US $.

Please note that the service provider, registered as a Sole Trader in the United Kingdom, is not registered for VAT.  All invoices are therefore exclusive of VAT. If the customer is registered for VAT in another EU country the reverse charge mechanism will apply. Further details are available here.